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Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu

Monday, November 14, 2011

Behind the Roman Catholic Mass

More and more people are finding the practice of going to a Roman Catholic Mass rather empty and meaningless. In an age where people tend to hate just going through the motions without understanding the significance of them, it is not surprising that you may be wondering whether it is worth attending Mass.

So what is the significance of a Mass? What is the purpose of it? And why go through it? According to official teachings of Rome, the mass is the highest form of prayer because in it the Lord Jesus is being sacrifice for the sins of the dead and of the living.

A Roman Catholic Catechism declares: “The Holy Mass is the sacrifice of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, really present on the altar under the appearance of the bread and wine, and offered to God for the living and the dead.” And this sacrifice is said to be essentially the same sacrifice that the Lord Jesus offered on the cross of Calvary. In a Roman Catholic Catechism, a question is asked: “ Is the Holy Mass one and the same sacrifice with that of the Cross?” The answer given is: “The Holy Mass is one and the same sacrifice with that of the Cross, inasmuch as Christ, who offered Himself, a bleeding victim, on the Cross to His Heavenly Father, continues to offer Himself in an unbloody manner on the altar, through the ministry of His priests.

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