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Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Going abroad

by: Jose Francis Martinez

Many Filipinos are leaving the country and moving somewhere else that hardly anyone does not know of someone who either has left or is leaving the country. In fact, in the medical field alone, sixty five medical doctors in Cebu, some of whom are the very best, are taking up nursing because they want to move and work either in the U.K. or in the U.S. And this phenomenon is not only found in the world but even in the churches of Christ. I have meet Reformed Baptist pastors in Luzon who have expressed deep concern that many church members have either left the country or are planning to leave.

Therefore, I would not be surprise if you are thinking of just the same. Perhaps you are wondering: "Why should I not leave like the others? There is no command in Scriptures that forbids Christians from leaving their country. Besides, my decision is not going to be like Lot's. If I will move abroad, I will move to a place where there is a good Reformed Baptist church I can be a part of . Why sweat it out here in this country? Why not move to a country that would promise a better future for my children?"

Now if that is what you are thinking about, there are a few more biblical principles and passages that you should consider and give weight to. Do not just decide to go without first considering and given due weight to these biblical principles.


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